Sahel Ettehad MFG. CO., LTD
Sahel Ettehad MFG. CO., LTD
Sahel Ettehad Manufacturing Company with the SEMCO-Plast brand, manufactures all kinds of plastic barrels, blow-molding industrial parts, fuel tanks, hospital bed parts, building concrete construction molds, wind turbines and floating solar panel equipment

More Than 6000T/1Y Production Capacity

Sahel Ettehad Company has achieved an annual production capacity of 6000 tons of products.

5 Years of Work Experience in Plastic Blow-Molding Mold Design

Having a 5 -years of work experience in the field of plastic parts manufacturing mold design, is one of the advanced capabilities of Sahel Ettehad Company.

16 Advanced Blow-Molding Devices

Advanced Blow-molding Machine with the ability to control the thickness and dimension of the product's wall is used to produce industrial parts.

UN International Certificate of Standard

Sahel Ettehad Company is the only company in Iran that has the International Standard Certificate of UN.


SAHEL ETTEHAD Company is one the largest manufacturers of plastic artifacts in Middle-East with 25 years of experience. SEMCO-Plast is capable of producing injectable plastic parts weighing 40gr to 2.5 kg by German-Made injection machines as well as producing Blow-Molding parts ranging from 10 to 500 liters.

سمکو پلاست

Largest Unit of JerryCan & Drum Production Facility in IRAN

Sahel Ettehad is capable of producing a variety of Jerry Cans and barrels with different capacities. these products are suitable for the shipment and packaging of the liquids in both chemical and food industries…

ساحل اتحاد

The Only Manufacturer of Hospital Bed Parts in IRAN

Sahel Ettehad Manufacturing Company is the first and only manufacturer of integrated plastic Hospital Bed Parts in Iran and is capable of producing custom products.


The Only Manufacturer of Heavy Duty Machine Fuel Tanks

Sahel Ettehad Company is the only manufacturer of Heavy-Duty Fuel Tanks such as Tractors, Trailers, Bus and Trucks in Iran. All manufactured products are made of Fuel-Resistant raw materials.

باک سوخت پلاستیکی

Floating Plastic Equipment for F-Solar Panel and Dock's Design

The only manufacturer of Floating Docks in Iran to Float Solar Power Plants on static water, artificial lakes and water storage dams.

The Production of Cubic Pantoons to make Recreational Docks with anti-UV Properties.

شناور پنل خورشیدی

Most Frequently Asked Questions

Sahel Ettehad Company Specialized in the Manufacturing of Blow-Molding Products and Mold Design
Is it possible to invest in Sahel Ettehad Company?

Sahel Ettehad Company is a family -owned corporation. Interested parties can define and participate in the design, manufacture and marketing of products with the guidance of our specialists.

How did the Sahel Ettehad Company get here?

Due to the regional needs and market recognition, we have designed and manufactured new products that have been needed by the domestic industry and we have expanded the products with our customers requirements.

How is the process of making a new product on Sahel Ettehad?

New customers can share their designs and ideas and even they can show us wood or metal parts they want to be made with plastic, then our experienced specialists can create a 3D design of the product based on technical and manufacturing tips. After agreeing to the mold design plan, the prototype is produced in a few weeks.

What is the use of plastic barrels?

Plastic barrels are the best option for packaging, transporting and distributing food, chemicals, petrochemicals, resins, acids and bulks.

What raw materials do the Sahel Ettehad Company use?

We can use a range of polymers, including polyethylene, polypropylene, polycarbonate, and so on, depending on the use of the product and the customer’s desired product such as strength, surface quality, durability, environmental resistance.

How long is the time to build a new Mold?

New molds can be made within 1-3 months depending on the design, complexity and type of materials used.