GRP Water tank


SemcoPast is the supplier of modular and prefabricated water storage GRP tanks in Iran. ( Up to 10 million liters )

GRP Composite ?

GRP, or glass-reinforced plastic, is made of strands of glass. The glass fibres are very fine, and they are woven to form a flexible fabric. These materials layered with resin and catalyst and allowed to cure, the resulting material is extremely strong and lightweight.

It has a high strength to weight ratio and the robust material can be easily formed using compression molding processes.

مخزن آب GRP

GRP Storage Tanks

The panels are assemble and sealed in a modular structure, which enables a tank of any size to get constructed. Our GRP sectional tanks generally are built for the use of consumption of potable water or non-insulated suitable for non-potable water or greywater.

مخزن آب

How to Assamble the Walls

The wall of the GRP tank, as shown in the picture, is made by steel bars and special connectors to the tank body, so that it performs best barrier properties against lateral pressures.

In GRP tank, the convex shape of the floor hub panel prevents the panels from deforming against the water pressure, and as a result, there is no gap between the panels to cause water leakage, but in other tanks, the water pressure causes the panels to break apart.

مخزن آب GRP

Sealing of GRP Tanks

The contact area of the panels is sealed with a sealing tape. This tape maintains its waterproofness and adhesion to the panels even at very low temperatures. Increasing the thickness of the panels at the point of contact with the sealing strip makes the tank resistant to any environmental stress. The self-insulation of the sealing strip makes it impossible for the panels to separate from each other, thus preventing any water leakage.


GRP Storage Tank Catalogue

For more information please download the GRP catalogue