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Sahel Ettehad Manufacturing Company with the SEMCO-Plast brand, manufactures all kinds of plastic barrels, blow-molding industrial parts,  fuel tanks, hospital bed parts, building concrete construction molds, wind turbines and floating solar panel equipment.


Our company has  expertise in the field of manufacturing, and installing liquid storage tanks. Sahel Ettehad represents Korean companies for GRP tanks up to 5 million liters and the representative of Ecotank for standing modular galvanized tanks.

سمکو پلاست

More Than 6000T/1Y Production Capacity

Sahel Ettehad Company has achieved an annual production capacity of 6000 tons of products.

5 Years of Work Experience in Plastic Blow-Molding Mold Design

Having a 5 -years of work experience in the field of plastic parts manufacturing mold design, is one of the advanced capabilities of Sahel Ettehad Company.

16 Advanced Blow-Molding Devices

Advanced Blow-molding Machine with the ability to control the thickness and dimension of the product's wall is used to produce industrial parts.

UN International Certificate of Standard

Sahel Ettehad Company is the only company in Iran that has the International Standard Certificate of UN.

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