Semcoplast Hospital Bed Products and Equipment

SemcoPlast Company is the only manufacturer of hospital bed head, bed side and bed base using Blow Molding method in Iran. Production of more than 80 products with different designs and sizes. The holder of the manufacturing license from the Iran’s Food and Drug Organization.

An Example of Products That Can Be Produced in SemcoPlast


Plastic Equipment for Hospital Beds

With the production of more than 80 models of headboards and badsides, Semcoplast is the only manufacturer of hospital bed equipment in Iran that has been able to meet the country’s needs in the matter of importation of this products. Semcoplast is able to bring your proposed designs to the production stage using the molding set available in the company.


Annual production capacity of bed header and footer


Manufacturing molds

Hospital Bed Properties

In terms of quality, these products are completely competitive with similar imported products, and in terms of cost, they are more economical and competitive than similar foreign products.

Competition with foreign products

No need to import the product

The ability to insert nuts inside the produced piece

Resistance to solvents and other detergents

Cost Effective

Slick Surface

Quality Control

Engineered material for production

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Please refer to the company’s template page if you need different designs and make header and bad side templates, and if you need advice to make templates, click on the button below.

Hospital Bed Equipment Sampls

سرتخت بیمارستانی
Header No.18
سر تخت بیمارستانی
Header No.17
سرتخت بیمارستان
Header No.16
سر تخت بیمارستان ها
Header No.18