Sahel Ettehad can help you choose the best option for packing your products and provide additional information about the volume, material characteristics and different packaging models.

Plastic Open Head Drum

Drums can be offered with capacities of 20, 40, 60, 120 and 220 liters and there is no limit in choosing the color of the drum.

Drum can be supplied with plated metal belts, and metal belts have the sealing properties.

This product is the best option for packing powdered and liquid (High viscosity) materials.

بشکه 120 لیتری

Plastic Closed Head Drum

Drum with 60 to 220 liters capacity are available in different shapes for packing liquids.

Special O-rings are used around the sealings to ensure proper sealing, which increases the security of the packaging process.

بشکه درب پیچی


It can be offered with capacities of 10, 20, 30, 60 and 70 liters, and the features of these products include their strong handles and door design, which makes it easier for the general public to use. The products are supplied with a 3 years guarantee.

گالن پلاستیکی

L-Ring Drum

This product can only be offered with a capacity of 220 liters and the special design of this product has made it a smart choice for use in chemical and petrochemical industries. Forklift Movement Capability

بشکه 220 لیتر

The Largest Production Unit of Plastic Barrels in Iran

Sahel Ettehad with 16 blow-molding machines with different capacities, is able to produce all kinds of JerryCans and barrels from 10 liters to 220 liters.

5323 Tons of Manufactured Products

Sahel Ettehad Company has been able to achieve the annual production capacity of 5323 tons of products.

More Than 16 Advanced Machinery

Sahel Ettehad company has more than 16 advanced machines to produce its products.

Quality Control

This company inspects all its products using experienced people in the quality control department.

Product Dimension Control

The thickness and weight of Sahel Ettehad products can be changed.

Semco-Plast is a Member of Iran's National Standards Organization

Iran’s National Standards Organization is one of the main members of the International Standards Organization, the International Electrotechnical Commission and the International Organization of Legal Metrologists and operates as the only contact of the Food Codex Commission in the country. In compiling Iran’s national standards, while paying attention to the general conditions and special needs of the country, the latest scientific, technical and international standards are used.

UN International Certificate (for barrels)

A barrel with the UN standard indicates whether a plastic barrel has strict health and safety standards for storing and transporting hazardous materials or not; 

Institute of Standards and Industrial Research of Iran

Institute of Standards and Industrial Research of Iran can enforce the implementation of some national standards of Iran in order to protect consumers, maintain personal and public safety, ensure the quality of products and environmental and economic considerations, by complying with the standards provided in the law.

Food grade certificate (food grade) Food and Drug Administration

It indicates that these barrels are produced from raw materials that cause the least chemical changes in their structure when in contact with food and do not have any adverse effects on human health.

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