As the first and only producer of floating solar panels and recreational docks, Sahel Ettehad Production Company is proud to introduce its products and explain the merits of floating solar panels on the water surface and design and production of removable recreational and fishing docks.

Bearing the Weight of Equipment and People

Bearing the weight of technical technicians, the weight of all equipment such as solar panels and used wires and cables.

20-Year Product Warranty

All sets of floats, such as pontoons, corridors and bolts, are guaranteed for twenty years.


Due to the engineering of the polymers used in the plastic formulation of pontoons, all products have acceptable resistance to sunlight (UV).

Implementing the science and experience of engineers in the localization of floating solar panels

Acquired samples from France, China and Japan are examined in the domestic facilities for localizing the manufacture and production of these pontoons. The knowledge and experience in design and manufacturing of made the designing of pantoons molds possible. Special molds for the production of these pontoons include floats, corridors and required parts such as bolts and metal structures.


Advantages of Floating Solar Power Plant

placement of floating solar power plants on water, not only reduces the possibility of solar panels being exposed to air pollutants such as dust, but also reduces the cost of cleaning these panels.

Sufficient Security

For optimal use of a place with sufficient security

No Need for Special Protection

physical damages, theft and destruction by animals

Easy to Wash

The possibility of easier washing and cleaning of solar panels

No Destruction of Nature

Including the growth of fodder around the panels in land farms etc.

Not Using Wasteland

Another important advantage of solar panels

Being Close to Electricity Facilities

Placement of solar panels on the reserved water behind the dams

No evaporation of water

One of the biggest advantages of floating solar panels is to reduce the amount of water that's evaporate from reservoirs

Keeping the Solar Panel Cool

Lowering the solar panel temperature increases its productivity

World Projects

Project Done in China

Construction of a floating solar power plant worth 151 million dollars in Anhui province located in the eastern part of China

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Project Done in Europe

The largest floating solar power plant outside of China was recently completed by GroenLeven subsidiary BayWa in the Netherlands.

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Mahabad Petrochemical Project

Relying on the power and knowledge of its researchers, Mahabad Petrochemical Complex succeeded in putting the country's first floating solar power plant into production.

شناور پنل خورشیدی
Project Done in China

The world's largest floating solar power plant with an annual production capacity of 20 million kilowatt hours of electricity was launched in China by Sun Company.

Project Done in the Netherlands

BayWa company on the Dekker sand mining lake in the north of Zwolle, generates electricity using floating solar panels

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Project Done in Tokyo, Japan

solar panels with the ability to generate more than 13 megawatts of electricity in the Yamakura dam reservoir near Tokyo, Japan.

Recreational and Fishing Docks

Recreational Docks

Floating recreational docks, which are used all over the world, have been produced in SEMCO-PLAST, and the main advantage of recreational docks is their indestructibility and portability. These pontoons are available in 50×50 dimensions.

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Advantages of the Floating docks

Plastic pontoons with unbreakable plastic lock

Sufficient Security

The ability to install a plastic fence to create better security

Easy to move

You can easily move the entire set of docks on the water at any time

Quick assembly

They can be easily assembled in different dimensions and can be disassembled and changed at any time.

No Destruction of Nature

No need for concreting and civil construction and environmental pollution

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